2012 May 10: Our new blog, The Pozo Dirt, is now up and running with news from the farm.

Sustainable Farming, Off the Grid:

This is our first year of operation, so most of what we are doing is experimental to see what grows best in our location--our soil and our climate. We are growing this year for a small group of friends, neighbors and a few local restaurants.

Next year we plan to expand to small, local retail stores, a few more restaurants and open a farm roadside stand. We also hope to work with the Pozo Saloon to offer fresh fruits and veggies from local farmers....

This year we planted blackberries (kiowa), seedless table grapes (flame & thompson), apples, apricots, peaches, nectarines, pomegranites, walnuts and olives. We hope to be in production on some next year. But....we must remember....all good things take time!